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About Us

The trustees of MigHT-i are experienced in Charitable work and have more than 60 years of experience between them. They have a background in the fields of Medicine, Environmental science, Information Technology and Business. They have been associatied with various cultural, sports, environmental activities in New Zealand.

The trustees also bring a serious governance structure to the organisation and are committed to the cause of MigHT-i.
MigHT-i's aim is to provide a platform for all Migrants who have an affinity for the rich Indian heritage and traditions. We are keen to bring forward the vast knowledge and historical significance that India has provided to the world.
MigHT-i is keen for all Indians at heart to participate in this journey
MigHT-i also runs radio program on the largest community radio in New Zealand - The access community radio running as PLANET FM 104.6 in Auckland. The programs are run bi-weekly on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, under the banner of NABHOVANI.

MigHT-i also has a theatre wing which produces classical theatre as well as modern short and sweet plays with Indian themes
NABHOVANI is a platform for education, entertainment, family issues and an outlet for the talented artist to perform.

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